CU! – The Green Room

Today we are launching CU! – The Green Room!

The Green Room is a place for Cast and Crew from CU! to hang out (online) chat, keep up with your friends in your groups, share what you are up to and discuss stuff together.

It is run and controlled by the CU!Crew. We limit who has access to just this years CU! Cast and Crew and make sure that the positive and supportive environment at CU! continues here.

We are very much in the early stages so we expect it to evolve as we see how it gets used over the weeks and months.

To get access please follow this:

  1. Head to
  2. Create a new account – you can use you Facebook or Google account to save you from remembering another password!
  3. Note you will need to know the email address that the person who signed you up to CU!2018 – we wont send any emails to that address – we just need to confirm who you are!
  4. Confirm your registration on the email we send you
  5. Wait patiently whilst one of the admin team confirms your account!

If there are any problems or questions do contact us.


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