We are currently completely rebuilding CU!Backstage we hope to have it up and running again soon

Curtains Up! Backstage is a place for people who have been to CU! or have signed up to go next year.


Backstage has got groups, pictures and videos from previous years. Its also the place where to keep in touch with what happening with CU! and your friends that you have made over the summer. Its a bit like a mini Facebook but just for people who have been to CU!

If you have any questions about CU!Backstage then please contact us using the Contact Us page

Want to join? The lets get things rolling !! Fill out the form HERE and once our moderators have confirmed you have been to CU! previously or are signed up to go this year you will be in!

See you online!

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  1. Curtains Up! 2012 was abosolutly AMAZING!!!!!! Got to meet wonderful people and I learnt a lot more about God. Certainly coming next year!

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