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Day 4 and a relaxing day 5 …

Well day 4 is a bit if a blur – we have reached the stage in the week where we refer to the day by its number I think today ( day 5) is Wednesday ….

Day 4 was another great day – fantastic weather and some really great fun being had in the workshops . In the afternoon we had a whole camp workshop run by Charlie ( who some of you may remember from crew in previous years)  The workshop was based arround looking at using our skills for God .

The evening was a fun but challenging meeting looking at how do we stand up for God at school.


A slightly early night followed to help combat the mid camp blues!

Today ( day 5 ) is a quieter day – we are spending the afternoon in cheltenham followed by a BBQ back on site

Points for prayer – that God will continue to speak clearly to all on site and that we will all take time to listen

Day 3 – spaced out

Day 3 was a bit busy!  So apologies for the lack of blog! 

It was a great day yesterday – more fantastic weather, great workshops and study groups!

Once again swimming proved popular!  But the maddest part of the day was definitely the “space” theme night …

The cast had a lot of fun building their space buggys ahead of the launch of their missions ..  the missions included,  balloons, coke, sweets, mushy peas, wet sponges a number of crew armed with water pistols …. it was great fun!  But I do wonder if the Crew with water pistols had too much fun …

The evening meeting was led by Helen,  Graham and Francesca – we were looking at choosing to follow Gods path rather than the one we chose. This was well illustrated with some wise words from Helen,  an excellent sketch and some great stories from 2 of our crew.

Points for prayer –
As we head into the middle of the week please pray for energy for the cast and crew – and for us all to make best use of the time we have left here in this wonderful place called Curtains Up!

Day 2 – going well!

Hello again from the very patchy mobile signal place we are currently calling home!  From what I can tell from here only one of the pictures got attached to yesterday’s post – will have to correct that when we return to the strange land of broadband internet!

Yesterday evening saw Adam Alex and Kate lead an excellent evening meeting starting to explore our theme this week “No Compromise”. There was a supprise mugging of one of the crew part way through the meeting – but that was ok as we were looking at the story of the Good Samaritan!

Today the study groups and the workshops have all started running – the Crew are all really encouraged by how well these are already going – thanks for your prayers!

This afternoon we have had our 1st round of optional workshops – the cast had a wide range of to choose from. The fantastic weather and surroundings here certainly made the swimming in the outside pool a VERY good option!

As usual the staff here at Rendcomb are making us feel very welcome – and very full! The food is fantastic!

As I write this Paul and Ellen are putting their final touches to their evening meeting that kicks off tonight at 8pm – “Don’t eat the blackjacks ….  ”

Thanks again for your prayers – we are very aware that the wonderful little bubble that we are currently living in is only possible with the hard work and support of a lot of people – but without God involved NOTHING here would have a purpose or be possible. Specific prayer requests for the moment:
The weather is fantastic at the moment – it would be lovley if this could continue – but if it changes wisdom to best deal with that would be great!
Continued energy and fun for the cart and crew so that they can continue to enjoy the week here.
Help and guidance for those that are struggling – peace through knowing the very real presence of God.
Wisdom for the Crew to best respond to any issues and questions that come out of tonights meeting.

Thanks for taking time to read this and if you are the praying type – we really appreciate those as well!

Depending on the reception I may manage to post a pic or two later


CU!2011 is go! !

Everybody is on site and we are up and running! 

The weather is great and an alarming amount of fun has already been had!

Mobile reception is terrible so if this blog post looks a bit odd its because I’m stood in a field writing it on my phone … ( our only internet connection) hopefully under here are a couple of pics from today :


T-6 Days …

This time next week – Curtains Up! 2011 “No Compromise” will have started!

Right now in far flung corners of the UK the Crew are putting together the final details to make sure 2011 is a fantastic year!

Just three weeks ago the Crew all gathered together for a weekend of planning and preparation in the delightful surroundings of .. Swindon …

Continue reading T-6 Days …

Bookings for CU!2011 now OPEN

QUICK what are you waiting for! You can book your place for CU!2011 “No compromise” NOW !!

When: 23-31 July 2011
Who for: 13 – 17 yrs
Cost: £210

Get ready to stand up and be counted, because Curtains Up! No Compromise! is all about living for God through your whole life, and that includes all the cool creative bits as well!
Throughout an action-packed nine days, there are loads of creative arts workshops – devise your own drama, choreograph scenes from musicals, practise your dancing skills, create pieces of artwork, sing and play your musical instruments, write poems and stories, direct short films, learn how to use a lighting rig and more.

There are two awesome theme nights (space and fairytale) plus there’s a trip to Cheltenham and a murder-mystery event, where you can pretend to be on Poirot/CSI Vegas/Bones. The grand finale comes with a performance to your parents, so you can show them how talented you are!

But perhaps best of all is the chance to be part of a community of people wanting to know God better. You’ll be able to explore your relationship with God, to meet with him and learn what it means to follow him and love him more. A talented team of Crew are waiting to welcome you, so what are you waiting for?

Warning: Don’t attend Curtains Up! while operating heavy machinery. It’s just showing off.

CU!Backstage has LAUNCHED

After far, far, far, too many late nights and an intrepid bunch of crew testing it out Curtains Up! Backstage has launched!

What are you waiting for – click the backstage button at the top to find out how to get in!

Who am I kidding you have already gone haven’t you !!

CU!Backstage Launching Soon …

CU!Backstage will be launching soon!!

Backstage is an on-line community just for people who have been to CU! It has got places to share what you are up to, discuss Curtains Up! or anything else! and its the only place you will find the “official” pictures and some videos from this year.

We are just in the final stage of testing and hope to launch properly in the next few days. If you came to CU! this year you should get an email inviting you to join. If you didn’t come this year then when we launch we will give you a way of signing up through this website.

As always watch our twitter feed for the up to the minute information!

Welcome to our new website

After a few too many hours spent sat at the computer we are proud to launch the new look Curtains Up! Website.

There is still a LOT more to do including the completion of the very exciting Curtains Up! Backstage part of the site.

This area will just be for people who have been to Curtains Up! before or have signed up for this year. Its a really exciting addition to the site and it has grown out of the forum that we have run over the previous few years. Its quite a big change from the old system so we are still working out some of the bugs – but when its ready to launch we will update you here and on our twitter feed.

Pleae have a look arround the new site – there are still things that need finishing and expanding but if you do spot anything odd then please contact us via the link at the top of this page.