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CU!2012 is over …

Well its all over for another year …

The Cast and Crew are slowly returning to their normal lives – and their relatives and friends are probably slightly bored from hearing all of the stories from CU!2012 !

It was another really great year! We put on a final performance for those lucky friends and relatives who come to pick up the Cast. It is a collection of what we have been up to during the week. Once again there were some great examples of what we have been up to! Also it was a great chance for the cast and crew to see what their friends have been up to this year.

During the week we explored the theme of “I am” during the workshops, study groups and the evening meetings. The evening meetings were led each night by different groups of Crew. They used a wide range of their gifts to help explore the theme for the evening. It was a real privilege to see God using the Crew to pass on His message to the Cast using the gifts He has given them.


If you did come along this year and are already feeling a little lost without the CU! Community then remember we try to keep it going throughout the year:

CU! Backstage – The mini facebook just for people who have been to CU! before or who are signed up to go this year.

CU! @ Facebook – The real Facebook – the next best place to keep in touch with the news about CU!

CU!2012 – The Reunion … Coming to a venue probably not near you in November – Em will be sending out the information about this soon. NOTE: Spaces are limited so we start with the oldest Cast and then open it up to the younger cast until we fill up – sorry about that.


We don’t yet have information about CU!2013 but when we do have something confirmed we will publish it as soon as possible.

So stay tuned!


Day 5 – BBQ, Sun and Fun

Day 5 here at CU!2012 is a slightly different day (not that we have many “normal” days here !)


We head off for a few hours relaxing in Cheltenham arriving back on site in time for a delicious BBQ provided by the great staff here at Rendcomb!

Once again the weather was awesome and the BBQ was followed by our now almost traditional Frisbee game! LOTS of fun.

Here are a few pics to give you a taste of the day:

Theme Night – Disney Pixar

Day 3 saw the 1st of our theme nights – chosen by the CU!2011 Cast “Disney/Pixar” theme night.

It was a fun and some of the costumes that the Cast and Crew really awesome!

We started off with a Quiz to test the teams knowledge of Disney/Pixar – Questions were provided by this years Crew – some were very tricky!!

We the set the Cast a mini challenge – to act out a randomly picked film in the style of a specific film style – eg    Cinderella in the style of a “Gangster” film … They were expertly judged by our “Disney Factor” panel of judges!

The results were awesome – the only problem was that we forgot to bring the camera so we don’t have them on video …

Anyway here are a few pictures from the night to give you a flavour of what we got up too.


Day 1

Day 1 at Curtains Up! is always a bit full on!

This year was no exception! “Mission Impossible” started CU!2012 off with a bang – a selection of crazy activities and games to get things going!

Here are a few pictures from this years MI and some of the other activities that we got up to on Day 1





GO !!

The day has arrived – As I write this Curtains Up! 2012 starts in just a few hours!

A moment of calm in the beautiful Rendcomb Grounds

The crew have been on site for about 24 hours getting the final bits of training and preparation completed. A lot of this years Cast are already making their way towards site for what i’m sure will be a brilliant year.

Once the Cast are all here we will be kicking off “Mission Impossible” – then we have the delights of the awesome food here at Rendcomb – followed by the 1st of our evening meetings!

Is slightly damp here at the moment

but i’m sure it wont dampen our spirits… tune in all this week for more terrible puns and news about CU!2012!!


Ready … Steady ….

We are now just days away from the start of Curtains Up! 2012.

The crew are busy putting the final touches to what is looking like another awesome year at Rendcomb!

We are hopefully going to be doings some daily blogs and tweets to keep you all updated on what we are up to on site. So if you aren’t joining us this year then you can get a glimpse of what we are up to by keeping an eye on this site.

On a personal point Em and Matt are slightly more sleep deprived than normal due to the recent arrival of Josiah (Joe) – he will be the youngest person on site this year – only being slightly less than 3 weeks old at the start of CU!2012 !!

That said we have a fantastic team coming this year so CU!2012 will still be awesome even if Matt and Em have to have a snooze every now and then 😉

Bookings for CU!2012 are now CLOSED

We have had a great takeup for the places this year! Unfortunatley we have now reached the point where we we need to close bookings.

Sorry if you missed out this year – Keep an eye on this website and our facebook page to see how you can book for next year.

To those of you that have booked in – we cant wait to see you in the summer! It’s shaping up to be a brilliant year. We have got nearly 90 Cast and Crew coming along!

Curtains Up! 2012 Dates Confirmed! – !!UPDATED!!

We have just had confirmation of the dates for Curtains Up! 2012

We will be heading back to Rendcomb College again.


CREW (Just the team) Arrive: Sunday 5th August

CAST Arrive: Monday 6th August

CAST and CREW Leave Tuesday 14th August


The booking arent open yet but you might want to “save the date”!

LIVE @ Curtains Up! 2011 – 1st tracks released !!!

The sung worship in the evening meeting is a very special time @ CU! 

We are really blessed to have a really great group of Crew leading us through the sung worship. When that combines with the rest of our Cast and Crew and WAYYY more importantly with God – it is a truly wonderful experience.

As you may already be aware – we are trying something new this year – as an experiment we recorded some of the evening meetings. We are now in the process of taking those recording and making them sound as good as we can. They will never sound as good as a “studio” album – but considering what they are -we are really really chuffed with them and we think they really capture the feel of the sung worship @ CU!

For more information head over to CU!Backstage to find out how to get hold of them ….

Unfortunately our licence for the music at CU! means we cant generally release these tracks … sorry …